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LAX Landside Access Modernization Program

The soft freight market of 2019 has caused the bankruptcy of 640 trucking companies, 11 of which are major carriers, accounting for the loss of over 3,000 jobs. For perspective, the whole of 2018 saw 318 carrier closures. The soft market and slowing global economy have been the nail in the coffin for some long-standing carriers like New England Motor Freight, Falcon Transport and LME.

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International air cargo liability limit set to increase

The liability limit on lost or damaged international air cargo among most countries is schedule to increase on December 28 to 22 Special Drawings Rights (SDRs) per kilogram from the current rate of 19 SDRs. Based on the current exchange rate of approximately $1.38 per SDR, the limit will rise from approximately $26 per kilogram to more than $30 per kilogram. Please review and update your house air bills of lading.
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