board of directors

2023 Board of Directors

Michael Yu

Chairman of the Board 2023-2025

Keysha Dampeer

President 2023-2025

David Gibson

President Elect & Past President 2017—2019

Andrea Lanouette

1st Vice President

Alex Adams

2nd Vice President

Sherri Dunlap


Yasmene Abdel


Jim Stone

Sergeant at Arms & Past President 2005-2007

Peter Landon

Past President 2019-2021

Giulio Battaglini

Past President 2009-2011

Harvey Beesen

Past President 2007-2009

Kimberly Graner

Board Member

Bryan Gusdorf

Board Member

John Harris

Board Member

Kim Pham

Board Member

Yesa Yu

Board Member

Timothy Hewey

Board Member

Board Member

Aaron Thomas

Board Member

Professional Highlights:

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The Los Angeles Air Cargo Association Board of Directors meet on the last Thursday of every month from January through November. Meetings are conducted by the President using a formal agenda of items presented in advance by other board members, committees, or members concerns that require discussion, board approval through voting majority, and action. Members interested in a leadership roll with the association are encouraged to volunteer to be on the board.

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